TLoZ: Ocarina Of Time
TLoZ: Ocarina Of Time
TLoZ: Ocarina Of Time
TLoZ: Ocarina Of Time

TLoZ: Ocarina Of Time

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What's even worse than barely remembering one of the most frightening memories you ever had in gaming as a child? Well, having that memory crafted into a cube to remind you all the time :D!

On the bright side, it can also serve as a reminder and representation of fears that you've overcomed as a person. What scared you yesterday might not scare you today. Or tu put it differently, yesterday's fears are tomorrow's stories! ;;)

TLoZ: Ocarina of Time is one of the games I have the most memories of as a kid. Zelda posseses MANY dark & creepy living things such as giant Skulltulas (as if a regular tarantula wouldn't do the job already), an entire wealthy family of Kakariko mutated into half spider/human creatures, Stalfos (skeleton warrios), the devil's hand (Floormasters) and so on.

However... the two creepiest creatures that stuck up the most to me were: The
Dead Hand is a mini boss of the Bottom of the Well & Shadow. Expressionless entity with black eyes and humongous jaw and teeth ready to devour you. And if wasn't obvious enough, with MANY (well alive) hands. Pun intended! ⭕

And then we have ReDeads: Zombie like nightmare creatures lurking in the darkest & spookiest places in the Zelda universe. Paralyzing you with their spine-chilling shriek, to then cling onto you and drink off your blood. "Don't even bother, just get rid of them!".


Not available in stores ! ! !

    • Great on counters, desks and even for office desks
      • WARNING: These dioramas scream for attention! it might distract you from working
    • Handmade diorama crafted from clean pixel cuts, encased in acrylic
    • Ideal gift for a gamer boyfriend, girlfriend or friend
    • Perfect gift for a brother or sister whom you played with in childhood as well
    • These are great to be looked upon from an angle, top or front view
    • Dimensions: 6x4x4.2" (W x L x H)