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Protection Plus Coverage


Our Protection+ Coverage is designed to provide you with confidence and peace of mind when purchasing any of our dioramas. This warranty goes beyond the standard assurance of quality and the standard Protection Coverage, offering protection against unforeseen circumstances, as well as color fading and material integrity caused by external factors -- such as exposure to extreme temperatures, humidity, etc for a prolonged period of time -- to ensure your enjoyment of the art remains worry-free for 5 years!

Color Fading and Material Integrity: We understand the importance of preserving the visual appeal of your artwork. The warranty protects against excessive color fading and ensures the integrity of the materials used in the creation of the piece.

  • Damages caused during shipping ✅
  • Color fading/material integrity ✅
  • Accidental/fall damage ✅
  • Scratches ✅
  • 5 years protection
  • Valid for x1 diorama